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A good restaurant in Como: In Centro

A good restaurant in Como: In Centro

IN: Restaurants Lake Como (Italy) March 20, 2013 10:27 pm 0 comments

Pizzeria in Centro, ComoComo is a city full of tourists from all over the world, especially americans in love with the wonderful lake. Even George Clooney decided to buy a house in this gorgeous city.

The lake in not the only attraction here. As almost every place in Italy, food is great in Como. Most restaurants won’t disappoint expectations. One restaurant that I particularly want to suggest is Pizza in Centro.

Despite the name, Pizza in Centro doesn’t offer only pizzas. It’s a nice place where to eat delicious food at a good price. They do several things: Pizzas, great Antipasti, delicious Pastas and Risottos and lots of Main courses with meat and fish.

Pizzas are good. If you like the very thin crust type of pizza then you will love it.

Spaghetti alla ChitarraYesterday I tried a wonderful dish, that i wanted to share with my readers as I think it deserves some notoriety. It’s called: Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Zucca e Pistacchi di Bronte, which translated is Guitar Spaghetti with pumpkin and Pistachio from Bronte.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra is a traditional type of fresh egg pasta from Abruzzo, a region in southern Italy.

Pistacchio di Bronte, is one of the most expensive and tasty pistachios in the world. It grows in Sicily, in the fertile volcanic soil near the Etna Volcano.

Perhaps a very simple recipe, but very rich in flavours. The combination of the 2 main ingredients and the type of pasta makes it a good dish, suitable for vegetarians too.

I suggest to order a starter before this dish, as portions are a bit small. I’ve seen many good Antipasti in the menu, and in a different occasion I tried the “Sciatt”.

Sciatt are a traditional dish from Valtellina (not far from Como). They are round crispy dough balls made of buckwheat with a heart of melted cheese, served on a bed of chicory. Only one word to describe them: divine!

The restaurant serves also wonderful italian wines. It has a good list with lots of options and for all budgets.

The only remark I have is on service. A bit poor in my opinion. Slow and no attention to details. The waiter left our empty plates on the table until we asked for desserts and almost never checked if we needed something. Despite this, food is so good that they still deserve a good grade.

The place is very nice inside, cozy and warm.


Around 7/10 € for pizzas, 10/11 € for Pastas and 15/20 € for main courses.


Via Cesare Cantu 53, 22100 Como (Italy)

Telephone: +39 031 272692

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

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