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Baiocchi Mulino Bianco Cookies

Baiocchi Mulino Bianco Cookies

IN: Product Reviews: Cookies March 23, 2013 3:49 pm 0 comments

Baiocchi Mulino BiancoItalians love biscuits. We have them for breakfast with our milk or cappuccino and in many other occasions throughout the day.

One of the most famous brands in Italy is Mulino Bianco. 78%* of italians eats Mulino Bianco’s biscuits for breakfasts (*Mulino Bianco’s source).

My favourite cookies from Mulino Bianco are called Baiocchi: Hazelnut and Chocolate Cream in a Double pastry Biscuit. They are addictive, be aware! If you start with one, you will find yourself with no more left in a couple of minutes, and you will run to the shop to buy some more…

Many brands tried to copy their Baiocchi Biscuits but with no success. To be honest, 95% of Mulino Bianco’s products have been copied but with no success at all! For some reason, they are literally the best at cookies.

If you are in the US you shouldn’t have problems to find them… Mulino Bianco is well-known and sold. UK residents are a bit unluckier…. it’s not that easy to find Baiocchi biscuits here, and for an Italian biscuit addict like me could be a big problem. The good thing is that Italy is only one hour flight away… stockpiling biscuits under the bed for an Italian living abroad is completely normal.

Baiocchi Mulino BiancoMulino Bianco

My rating: 5 / 5

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