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Impartial and Clear Review Disclosure

Impartial and Clear Review DisclosureI’m a genuine amateur food blogger. I want to keep this blog ethical and clear from partial reviews. For this reason I will add a list of questions at the end of each restaurant and product review that will be answered directly by the author of the article:

For Restaurants and Food Places Reviews

Invited by PR company?

Guest of the Chef or Restaurant Owner?

Restaurant knew I was a Blogger ahead of ordering?

Was the meal comped by the restaurant?

Any complimentary items provided by the restaurant?

For Product Reviews

Was the Review Requested by Company or PR agency?

Is it a spontaneous review?

Is the reviewed product a giveaway or in any way paid by the company / pr agency?

Was it a paid review?

This should help to prove the blog’s impartiality and fairness.

We do accept review requests and giveaways, but when this happens it will be stated on the review. Let’s make internet a better place for trustful reviews!