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My Food discoveries in Alassio

My Food discoveries in Alassio

IN: Good Food in Liguria (Italy) May 27, 2013 5:06 pm 0 comments

Alassio is a pretty town in the western coast of Liguria in the north of Italy, not far from the French border.It’s famous for its beaches, great food and for the Budello. The Budello is one of the biggest open air shopping centres of Italy, an ancient alley stretching across the whole town where you can find big fashion brands and delicious food shops, cafes and restaurants. If you’ve never visited this gem of the Mediterranean Sea you should definitely visit it soon.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to visit Alassio to take part to a Half Marathon race. I encountered a few truly amazing food places that I want to share with you.

My top 4 food picks in Alassio:

1. Osteria D’Angi – for incredible Trofiette

Trofiette LiguriIn each restaurant I’ve been in Alassio I had great traditional Ligurian food, mostly fish based. One in particular impressed me for its outstanding “Green Trofiette with seafood and asparagus” dish. It’s Osteria D’Angi in Via Vittorio Veneto 106, in the centre of Alassio.

The Trofiette are a typical fresh pasta original from this region of Italy. I loved the combination with asparagus and seafood, one of the best dishes I had in my trip. If you add to this a remarkable service and a great location you end up with a traditional Ligurian Osteria not to miss out if you visit Alassio.

2. Il Fornaio d’Alassio – for delicious Taggiasche Olives bread

Taggiasche Olives BreadThis bakery has so many tempting delicacies and delights that you might want to avoid it if you are trying to keep fit or on a diet.

I was good enough to buy “only” a couple of loaves of their famous Taggiasche Olives Bread. It’s a type of bread that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and trust me, it’s divine! Don’t make my same mistake, a couple of loaves ain’t enough! You will end up eating them quickly and cry for more when it will be too late to buy more.

Il Fornaio d’Alassio is in Via XX Settembre 27. They do also the famous “Focaccia Ligure”, many types of breads, cakes and the famous “Baci d’Alassio”.

3. Caffetteria Balzola – for delicacies and Baci d’Alassio

Baci d'AlassioHave you ever heard about the famous Baci d’Alassio?

Literally Alassio’s Kisses in Italian, are a traditional sweet formed by two soft half cookies that kisses each other, with chocolate.

One of the best place to buy them is Caffetteria Balzola in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 26. This place is managed by the family of the creator of the recipe, Pasquale Balzola.

They also have an incredible range of other delicious sweets and mouth-watering cakes.

4. Canepa for the best Focaccia Ligure and Focaccia di Recco

Focaccia LigureCanepa is a Bakery and Food shop in Via XX Settembre 123 that serves one of the best Focaccia Ligure I ever had. Try also the Focaccia di Recco, which is a special Focaccia, much thinner, stuffed with a creamy cheese called Stracchino. This Focaccia is original from Recco, a small town not far from Alassio.

I’m sure I missed many other extraordinary food places, but that’s normal considering that every single town in Italy has an unrevealed food treasure even to its own residents.

I was really impressed with Alassio’s restaurants quality average. All the ones I tried were noteworthy. I hope that you can have the same experience if you are planing to visit Alassio. Enjoy!

Other Pics

Caffetteria Balzola’s tempting shop window…

Caffetteria Balzola

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