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Delicious Organic Raw Milk in Cornwall

Delicious Organic Raw Milk in Cornwall

IN: Cornwall Food & Drink (UK) April 2, 2013 10:09 pm 1 comment

Fresh Raw Milk Cornwall Cornwall is probably one of the best counties for food, in England. Much is due to the antique food traditions of the Cornish, but without doubt a key role of the food goodness comes from the incredible variety of farms and the passion of their farmers. As a matter of fact, Cornwall produces and sells all over the UK one of the best milks, cheeses, meats etc.

In my trip to Cornwall, this Easter, I had the opportunity to taste one of the best raw milks I ever tried, made by the cows of the West Prince Farm.

The West Prince Farm is one of the few farms licensed to sell organic unpasteurised raw milk in England.

This farm is not advertised anywhere. They don’t have a shop, or anything like that. If you want to buy some fresh milk you have to call the owner, J A Flashman, fix an appointment and stop by. He will be happy to walk you through his farm (present you the inquiring cows) and sell you the milk just milked. It will cost only £2 for 4 Pints (2.27 litres). If you bring your own bottle it will be £.50 cheaper. 

I enjoyed talking with Flashman, you can appreciate his passion from his eyes while he talks about the cows as if they were part of his family. You can easily understand that he gave his life to the farm. He told me that he has done this job since he was small and lived just across the street. I’ve learned from him that the cows are a British Friesian breed and  that they eat grass for 10 months a year and silage and hay in winter. The best milk is made when the cows are able to eat fresh grass.

If you are in Cornwall and you like raw milk, you definitely have to stop at West Prince Farm at least once. Drinking raw milk knowing from which cows it came from it’s not something that can happen very often, especially if you live in a city. It’s a rare and precious opportunity!


West Prince Farm, J A Flashman
Sevenstones, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8HZ
Phone: 07976 253692

West Prince Farm West Prince Farm MilkWest Prince Farm MilkCow West Prince Farm Cow West Prince Farm

Enjoy, and give my greetings to the cows and the farmer.

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  • Vanessa Backus

    Have just spoken to the dairy and they have been stopped selling milk by the Food Standards Authority. They throw away 250,000 gallons of organic milk a year and are going to go bust. How sad that the system is crushing real food production.

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