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I’ve found another stunning Chocolate Brownie in London!

I’ve found another stunning Chocolate Brownie in London!

IN: Best Food in London April 23, 2013 10:51 pm 0 comments

Galeta's BrowniesI’m constantly on the quest for outstanding brownies, and a couple of days ago I had a yummy scrummy brownie that everyone in London should try.

It’s made by Galeta, an authentic bakery in London with several market stalls around the city.

Why do I love their brownies?

The world splits into two factions when it comes to brownies: dense and fudgey or cakey and crumbly. Galeta’s are dense and fudgey, the way I prefer them most and the way they should be referring to the traditional recipe.

When I ask for a brownie I don’t expect a cake that looks like a brownie. Brownies aren’t cakes, they are brownies, but not many bakeries in London are of the same opinion as they persist to offer cakey brownies, which I really don’t like.

Galeta, bakes perfect brownies, really delicious: moist and very chocolaty. I consider their brownies one of the best I’ve had in London so far.

Galeta BrowniesGaletaGaleta's BrowniesGaleta's BrowniesGaleta's Brownies

Where to find Galeta’s Brownies

You can find Galeta’s Chocolate Brownies and many other bakery products, which I haven’t tried, in one of the market stalls in London bellow:

  • Whitecross St Market
  • Partridges Farmers Market
  • Oval Farmers Market
  • Barnes Farmers Market
  • Brunswick Farmers Market
  • Brick Lane Market
  • Piccadilly Market
  • St Katherines Dock Market
  • Hammersmith Farmers Market
  • New St Square Market
  • One New Change Market
  • Regents Place
  • Cardinal Place
  • Thomas More Square
  • Canary Wharf Market
  • UCL Market

My Rating: 5 / 5

Impartial and Clear Review Disclosure

Invited by PR company? NO
Bakery knew I was a Blogger ahead of ordering? YES
Any complimentary items provided by the bakery? YES


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