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Baozi Inn, Northern Chinese Cuisine, London

Baozi Inn, Northern Chinese Cuisine, London

IN: Best Food in London March 10, 2013 11:03 am 1 comment

Baozi Inn, LondonBaozi Inn is a typical Chinese restaurant specialised in Northern Chinese Cuisine, in the middle of China town in London.

I came across this restaurant thanks to my friends, which came here several times.

I ate here on a Saturday night, and I had to queue  for about half an hour to have a table. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations, but I must say it’s worth to wait even longer, as this is a 2 star Michelin guide restaurant and as soon as you start to eat your first dish you understand why.

The menu offers specialities from the north of China and I must admit I never heard of at least half of the dishes in the menu even if I’m a frequent Chinese food eater. You will find many types of noodles, dumplings, fish and meat skewers, rice dishes and more.

The speciality of Baozi Inn is the Baozi, a steamed bun with a variety of stuffings. It’s one of the most ubiquitous foods of northern China.
The one I tried, the House special, had a chicken based stuffing and was blissful!

You could also try the Pork Baozi stuffed with juicy minced pork and onion or the Egg Baozi stuffed with a colourful mix of egg, Chinese chives and carrot.

A full Baozi could satiate you, so perhaps you could eat one in two… otherwise you won’t have space to try other delicacies, which are many!

Sichuanese Spicy Beef NoodlesI also tried the spicy (very spicy) octopus and spinach skewers. They were extremely spicy so you might not enjoy them if you don’t like very hot food but for me was ok. I exercised in India…

I completed my dinner with a tasty Sichuanese Spicy Beef Noodles, another house special. It’s a fresh wheat noodles in soup topped with red-braised beef in bamboo shoot stew, laced with chilly, Sichuan pepper and aromatic spices. Celestial!

If you like Chinese food, it’s an obligatory stop, you won’t be disappointed.

My only negative remark is the unpleasant staff, a bit too harsh.


25 Newport court, Londra wc2h 7js, Inghilterra (Leicester Square /Shaftesbury Avenue)
Telephone: 0207 287 6877
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My rating: 4.5 / 5

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Baozi Inn, Londonpicy (very spicy) octopus and spinach skewers Baozi InnBaozi Inn


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  • Morena Lironi

    My dumplings were very taste and not spicy! It’s a different Chinese cuisine. Spinach skewers were too spicy for me, but you could order the salad (there are many variety), fresh and delicious!

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