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Food of Campania – My Itinerary

Food of Campania – My Itinerary

IN: Best Food in Campania (Italy) June 29, 2013 12:39 pm 0 comments

Campania is a region located in the southern part of Italy. It hosts one of the most active volcanos in the world, the Vesuvius.

The Vesuvius has been a threat for thousands of years in this territory, but the compensation for the “campani” residents is an incredibly rich volcanic soil that helps the region produce some of the best italian foods, thanks to the raw materials that can be easily farmed, like vegetables and fruits.

The peerless San Marzano tomato thrives here, along with peppers, basil, broccoli, garlic, olive and citrus trees, forming the basis for many of the dishes for which the region is famous.

Campania is famous for at least three of Italy’s best-recognised contributions to the food scene: pizza, tomato sauce and the buffalo mozzarella cheese.

I said at least, because in my opinion this region is one of the top 3 contributors of our incredible italian food culture. The best espresso coffee, the best bronze drawn pasta, the best pizza, the best mozzarellas, some of the best confectionaries like the famous Babà and much more wouldn’t exist without this region!

This is one of the reasons I always dreamed to visit Campania. Eventually, last month I realised my dream.

This is my top 6 food spots list of the places I’ve visited.

Pizza Margherita da MicheleL’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples – World’s Best Pizza

Naples is the homeland of Pizza and it’s the only place in the world where you can have the best traditional Neapolitan pizza despite Neapolitan pizzerias can be found almost anywhere in the world.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a small family run pizzeria in Naples that serves Neapolitan pizza since 1870. To have a table you have to queue outside for at least 30 minutes as it’s always fully packed. You will be given a number and you will be called when it’s your turn. Everyone that visits Naples wants to try the best pizza in the world, including the locals.

Da Michele serves only two type of pizzas: the traditional Margherita and “La Marinara”. This is because “La Pizza Margherita” is the only traditional Neapolitan pizza. It was invented almost 125 years ago and this Pizzeria glorifies it very well.

When I entered this Pizzeria I thought I knew already everything about pizza. I’m a big fan of it and I thought I had already some of the best in the world. Believe me, I had to think again when I tasted theirs. Incomparable!

At first, I thought the shape and look was very similar to other pizzas I had: thick high crust, crispy, rich mozzarella topping and tomato sauce. After my first bite I had to think again! That pizza was ridiculously good and delightful. The tomato sauce was sweet and tangy, the mozzarella tasty and everything melted in my mouth like nothing else! Pure ecstasy. To be honest, I’m not good enough in describing it… you have to go there and taste it to appreciate it.

Da Michele is in Via Cesare Sersale 1/3, Naples.


Wood-burning Oven da Michele Pizza Margherita da Michele Pizzaioli da MicheleQueue da Michele Queue da Michele

Scaturchio, Naples – Best Place for Babà

This place exists since 1905 and it produces the best Rum Babàs I’ve ever had.

If you never heard of this famous Italian sweet, it’s a small yeast cake saturated in rum. Delicious!

Scaturchio is also famous in Naples for the “Sfogliatella“, a shell shaped filled pastries.

I tried them both, forgetting about the diet for a moment! Unforgettable tastes.

Scaturchio is in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 19, Naples.


Scaturchio's Babà Scaturchio's Babà Scaturchio's Babà

Caffè del Professore, Naples – Possibly the best Espresso Coffee in the World

Neapolitans worship coffee. Caffè espresso here isn’t a simple coffee. It’s a real tradition. Every Neapolitan bar has a special coffee machine, usually rare in other parts of Italy and the coffee that comes out of it is just “another thing”. Some says that this is due to the type of water (a gift of the Vesuvius?) Others thinks it’s just their ability in following the best procedure. Everyone agrees that coffee in Naples is the best you can have, everything else is just words.

Caffè del Professore is one of the best places where to taste an incredible Espresso.

You can find it in Piazza Trieste e Trento 46, Napoli.

Il Caffè del Professore Il Caffè del Professore

Gelateria Gabriele, Vico Equense – The best Gelato

In Vico Equense you can find one of the best gelato of Italy. At least this is my opinion, as I never had such a good Ice cream anywhere else.

Very rich flavours and a good variety of choice. A must stop spot if you around this little coastal town in the province of Naples.

Gelateria Gabriele is in Corso Umberto I 8, Vico Equense.

Gelato - Gelateria GabrieleGelateria Gabriele Gelateria Gabriele

La Locanda del Cantastorie, Vietri sul Mare – Yummy fish restaurant

If you like fish you definitely have to stop at La Locanda del Cantastorie. This restaurant serves an incredible fish based cuisine at a reasonable price.

I had an extraordinary “antipasto misto” to start and as a main course a delicious “scialatielli” pasta (fresh egg pasta like spaghetti) with a sea urchin based sauce.

It was honestly one of the best fish based pastas I’ve ever had.

The service was remarkable. I had a chat with the owner which was really friendly. I was surprised when it was time to pay the bill. Only 15 euro per person, which was really low considering the type of food we had.

If you don’t want to miss this special fish restaurant, you have to go in Via de Marinis 7, Vietri sul Mare.


Antipasti Antipasti antipasti-3 Antipasti Kitchen La Locanda del Cantastorie Scialiatelli with Sea Urchin sauce

Pasticceria De Riso, Minori – for the famous Ricotta e Pere

Salvatore De Riso is one of the most famous Pastry Chefs of Italy and possibly the world. One of his famous creations is the Ricotta and Pears cake.

It’s a hazelnut crumb cake stuffed with a “mantecata” ricotta cream cheese with cubes of Williams Pears. Gorgeous!

At Pasticceria De Riso you can find the Ricotta e Pere Cake and all his famous pastries. It’s in Piazza Cantilena 1, Minori Salerno.

De Riso Delights Ricotta and Pears De Riso Ricotta and Pears De Riso

This is only a small selection of incredible food places available in Campania. I would probably need full life, and 100 bellies, to discover all of them. I love this region and I highly recommend it.

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